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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Organic Cleaners - Safety For Your Family!

Happy Saturday bloggers! Just dropping in to let everyone know that www.FloridaHerbHouse.com and www.SharpWebLabs.com now stocks a complete
line of 100% organic household cleaners on sale and ready to ship! Along with over 1500 specialty health and nutrition products these cleaners are a must have for anyone with kids, pets and loved ones. Made with safe yet powerful ingredients and no chemicals these organic cleaners go a long way. We also have gallon container concentrates for an even better buy. Having a little girl nine years old and several pets we use these products at our house and office always for safety and peace of mind. Just read the ingredients list on your non-organic cleaners and then google any one of the chemicals and see how they can cause cancer and you too will make the switch. Even if you decide not to buy from our store we urge you to make the switch to all organic cleaners today for you and your family's safety and well-being. There are several places to buy safe organic all natural cleaners and degreasers. :-)
Below is a little about our top three cleaners.
Organic Stain Remover - Organica's Stain Remover contains organic surfactants, cleaning agents and enzymes. Their function is to breakdown and biodegrade the embedded stains. This product works well on carpeting in steam cleaners, upholstery (always test first), clothing and even in the laundry. Spray the stain and walk away. Give the enzymes time to work. As they break down the stain and metabolize, it will fade and disappear. You can blot the area with a paper towel. Repeat for stubborn stains. No need to rinse. Stain Remover has the light fragrance of Green Tea.
Organic Indoor Cleaner - Organica Indoor Clean-All has a fresh orange sparkle scent and is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic alternative to harsh chemicals. It penetrates and emulsifies dirt on all types of surfaces. Use on showers, tubs, toilets, counter tops, appliances, tile & wood floors, stainless, cloth & leather upholstery, fingerprints & marks on walls, window frames, sills and mouldings. Pretty much any indoor surface can be cleaned with this nontoxic cleaner and it won't dry out your skin like standard cleansers like Lestoil or Pinesol. Try some. 1 Gallon of concentrate makes 4 Gallons of ready to use product.
Organic Odor Eliminator - Organica Odor Eliminator does not mask odors – it eliminates them. The blend of organic plant oils absorb and destroy odor molecules and then replaces the offensive odor with a light refreshing lavender scent. This non-toxic biodegradable formulation may be used as an air freshener or mixed with cleaning solutions to eliminate unwanted odors. Use to remove the smell of smoke, cooking & food odors (even fish & onions), bathrooms, automobiles, RVs, litter boxes & pet beds, sneakers, gym bags & lockers, trash cans, refrigerators and garbage disposal. Freshen carpets, upholstery, and closets.
If you have dogs and lots of carpets you'll love this stuff!
Well we hope to see you at our store on online!


Stephen C. Sharp