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Monday, December 19, 2011

Go Easy On The Pork This Holiday!

Go Easy on the Pork This Holiday

Posted by on December 14, 2011
Pork chops and applesauce; while it sounds tasty there is something we must all know about “the other white meat” and there is a good reason to maybe choose another meat for your holiday dinner this year.
While many  health conscious families do indeed limit their intake of red meat and pork, usually this is because of the consistent decline in the quality of meat produced in today’s world. Many of the meats found on supermarket shelves today, minus organic and grass fed kinds, have a plethora of harmful toxins present. Much of this is due to the excessive use of antibiotics, hormones and fertilizers in today’s farming industry. But there is another problem with pork that many of us don’t know about.
Pork is one of the hardest foods in the world for our body to digest. In fact, studies have been done on pork digestion and it has been noted that pork can remain in ones digestive tract for as much as 5-6 hours after being eaten! Every morsel of food that we put in our body causes a stress on our body. This stress resulting from the metabolism of any food causes free radicals to be released throughout our body. Pork is the king of the free radicals when it comes to digestion. In fact, eating a pork sandwich (e.g., pork and bread) would result in the longest digestion times compared to any other food combination.
But wait, there is also another problem with pork that many of us do not know about. Because pork is so hard to digest it can interfere with other foods that have been eaten within the same reasonable time frame. For example, if you ate a bowl of grapes and then some pork, your body is in for a rough ride. As your body tries so hard to digest the pork you ate, the grapes now sit idle in your stomach, sometimes for many many hours. We all know what happens when you bite into an apple and then let it sit for a few minutes. Of course, it starts to “brown” and ferment. Well, the grapes in your stomach, or any fruit for that matter have now begun the fermenting process. This can cause some very uncomfortable conditions such as an upset stomach and acid indigestion. Choosing your meat wisely in the world we live in today and making wise choices when it comes to meats can help your body in many ways. Have a great holiday all!!!

Steven Sharp
Florida Herb House